The 6 Most Common Types of Product Liability Claims

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When dealing with an injury caused by a product such as a lawnmower or a medical device, it is often tempting to assume that you must have made a mistake that led to your misfortune. After all, don’t most products go through rigorous testing and evaluations before being released on the market? While it’s true that products for public consumption are expected to live up to certain regulations, the reality is that any product can fail. Never assume that it is your fault that you or a loved one was injured while using a specific product. Here are six common types of product liability claims that attorneys handle every day around the country.

  1. Auto Parts. A very common and highly publicized type of product liability case, auto parts defects can occur in any part of the vehicle, from the engine and the brakes to the air bags and other safety devices.
  2. Medical Devices. Medical devices such as hip replacements, pacemakers, walkers, and prosthetic limbs can have dangerous and even lethal defects.
  3. Lawn Equipment. Lawnmowers, string trimmers, and tractors are all complicated motorized devices capable of causing injury to users if they contain defects or are not properly labeled.
  4. Children’s Toys. We all work hard to keep our children safe from harm, which is why it is particularly stressing when we find out that their toys have been recalled due to dangerous defect.
  5. Home Improvement Tools. Home improvement tools such as power drills, saws, and electrical equipment must be labeled properly by manufacturers in order to ensure proper handling by users.
  6. Medications, including over the counter medications such as pain relievers, have been recalled in the past due to unlabeled side effects or contamination.

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