Consumer Claims

Consumer claims are any claim made against a business by an individual who has been negatively impacted or injured by illegal conduct that affects thousands or millions of consumers. Our firm has recovered billions of dollars and earned national recognition for protecting the rights of our clients in class action claims.

Our Approach to Consumer Claims

Class action lawsuits are an effective tool to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices, breaches of consumer contracts, violations of consumer protection laws, and product defects and undisclosed risks of products. Our lawyers work as lead or co-lead counsel in class actions cases throughout the United States. Our resources and practical experience are a result of actively pursuing cases that hold a substantial potential for enhancing the lives of the class and ensuring that companies follow the law.

We prosecute and defend clients in cases by consumers involving claims of:

  • Deceptive and unfair business practices
  • Privacy laws, including the Federal Wiretap Act and state equivalents
  • Violations of consumer protection laws
  • Breaches of consumer contracts
  • Telemarketing laws, including the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Violations of banking laws and regulations
  • Product defects and undisclosed risks


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We assist clients in consumer class actions in Illinois, Missouri and across the country. If you think you have experienced corporate misconduct or an illegal practice that affects other consumers, we are ready to discuss the specific legal needs related to your claim.

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Notable Settlements & Verdicts

Represented seller in negotiation and sale of railroad business for eight figures that involved private equity and F Reorganization under the Internal Revenue Code.

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