Monsanto’s Roundup Can Cause Cancer?

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Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. represents farmers and landscapers who have used Roundup Weed Killer over the years and are now suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Since the 1970s, farmers and landscapers alike have been using Roundup, a product made by agricultural and chemical giant Monsanto. Today, Roundup is one of the most commonly used weed killer’s in the world.

As reported by Bloomberg News, the New York Times, CBS, and other news outlets, IARC or the International Agency for Research on Cancer (a division of the World Health Organization) found Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, to be “probably carcinogenic.” Probably carcinogenic is defined by IARC as strong evidence that a substance can cause cancer in humans, but at present it is not conclusive. Additionally, lawsuits have been filed across the country alleging that exposure to glyphosate, along with the other chemicals in Roundup, increases the risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has caused cancer in farm workers, landscapers, and others exposed to the chemicals. The lawsuits further allege that Monsanto manipulated the research to hide the dangers of Roundup.

Monsanto denies the allegations and points to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has had internal disagreement over the safety of glyphosate, and has yet to agree with IARC’s findings that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. However, recently revealed correspondence between the former EPA Deputy Director, Jess Rowland, and Monsanto call into question the EPA’s assessment. According to court documents, Mr. Rowland, who was in charge of evaluating the cancer risk of Roundup, allegedly bragged to a company executive that he deserved a medal if he could kill another agency’s investigation into glyphosate. A Monsanto executive wrote, “I doubt EPA and Jess can kill this, but it’s good to know they are going to actually make the effort.” The New York Times recently reported that “The [EPA’s] Office of Research and Development raised some concern about the robustness of an assessment carried out by the agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs, where Mr. Rowland was a senior official at the time, and recommended in December 2015 that it take steps to ‘strengthen’ its ‘human health assessment.’”

As the battles continue in the courtroom, our attorneys have the experience, resources, and dedication to take on Monsanto, get to the bottom of their failure to disclose, and obtain justice for our clients.

If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, please contact  our firm to discuss your situation. We can be reached at  1-800-782-8492.

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