Mesothelioma Attorneys

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Who we represent

Mark C. Goldenberg: We’ve represented thousands of victims of asbestos exposure since the mid-1980s.

Joseph P. Whyte: Electricians, we’ve represented. Steelworkers, we represented. Automotive workers, we’ve represented. Drywall workers, we’ve represented. People in all sorts of construction trades, we’ve represented them in numerous locations. Chances are that we’ve represented somebody who may have performed your same trade, in your same location.

Elizabeth V. Heller: What sets us apart is we’ve been doing this for 25 years, as long or longer that anybody in the country.

Our client relationships

Elizabeth: The best part of my job is the relationships we build with our clients.

Mark: We are a client-first law firm, which means, to me, that the client is important. It’s not about the fee or certainly a business, and it’s about we have to make it that part of practice but really care about the clients. We always have.

Elizabeth: The relationship doesn’t stop when the case is over, the case is settled or verdict is rendered.

Edward T. Fansher: They have treated me as well as you can be treated. They’re always there when I call. If I need something, I call.

Elizabeth: We have a unique ability to assist with all our clients and other issues that come up. I’m proud of that.

Edward: I don’t know what to say. It’s been great, everybody at that firm.

Joseph: Your family deserves to hold accountable those companies that have put you in this situation.

Elizabeth: I do this, because I love helping people. I like holding hands. but I also like the battle. We do battle.

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