How to Spot the Good St. Louis Attorneys from the Bad Ones

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When facing a lawsuit or the potential of filing a lawsuit, choosing the right attorney to handle your case can often be the difference between success and failure. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to spot which attorneys are good choices and which will leave you out in the cold. Here’s a handy guide on how to spot the good St. Louis attorneys from the bad ones, so you can rest assured that your legal future is being handled by a competent and professional expert of the law.

Any attorney you hire should be available to discuss your case as needed. Of course you are unlikely to be their only client or responsibility, but if you’ve been trying to contact your lawyer for more than a couple days and all of your emails and phone calls have gone unacknowledged and unreturned, that is a bad sign. At the very least, all good St. Louis attorneys will have their legal assistant or receptionist get back to you and explain the delay.

Another warning sign is an attorney who guarantees a specific outcome of your case. No attorney, no matter how skilled, can predict the future. Practicing law is all about interpreting the law and navigating the legal system, which means no two cases are ever alike. A good lawyer will outline all possible outcomes as well as prepare you for what is most likely to happen, but they do not make promises they can’t keep.

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