An Estate Planning Attorney Protects More Than Just Your Money

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For many people when they approach the topic of estate planning, they immediately think of money. While it’s true that financial assets are a major part of any estate planning process, in reality a skilled estate planning attorney can help you with a wide array of issues pertaining to your final wishes. From medical treatment decisions to multigenerational trusts, the right attorney can assist you in virtually all areas.

First and foremost, having an estate planning attorney means you’ll have a knowledgeable and objective third-party present when making any decisions related to your estate. When it comes to assigning powers of attorney, especially concerning health and medical related decisions, this alone can prove to be an invaluable asset. An estate planning attorney can help you make the wisest decision in regards to the laws in your state and county.

An estate planning attorney can also help explain some of the more complex rules and regulations regarding setting up trusts, especially as they pertain to tax law. Protect as much of your estate as you can by enlisting an attorney to properly set up your multigenerational trusts so that your family and your family’s family can enjoy the fruits of your labor for generations to come.

Finally, an estate planning attorney has knowledge in the area of business succession. If you have spent a lifetime building up a commercial enterprise, you’ll want to rest assured that when the time comes, the transition of leadership and assets will be as seamless as possible. They can also help ensure that your business assets remain protected from unanticipated tax exposure.

It’s time to protect your assets by preparing for the future with an estate planning attorney. Contact the law office of Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. to start the process today. Fill out our contact form, and an experienced legal expert will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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