4 Conflicts a Commercial Business Litigation Attorney Can Handle

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A business litigation attorney specializes in conflicts within a business. This means that they can handle a variety of cases, from diverging views between shareholders to disputes over land and real estate. Read on to learn about some of the different kinds of conflicts that an Edwardsville commercial business litigation attorney could face on any given day.

  1. Business disputes and dissolution. If your company is taking a turn for the worse because of partnership disputes, or if it’s time to dissolve your company completely, then an Edwardsville commercial business litigation attorney can help by making the process go smoothly and ensuring that everyone gets what he or she wants in accordance with the law.
  2. Breaches of contract. A breach of contract occurs when one or more parties behave in a manner which conflicts with a legally binding business contract. In some cases, this can even render a contract null and void. A business attorney can tell you whether or not this is the case.
  3. Employment contracts. A business litigator can help companies outline and enforce employee contracts, ensuring that everyone who works in the company has a clear understanding of the guidelines and expectations for their conduct.
  4. Real Estate. Buying or selling property is often a necessary step to grow your business. A competent business litigator can be on hand to help you navigate legal restrictions that mandate commercial property ownership.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. There are many different aspects of business law for which an Edwardsville commercial business litigation attorney can provide their services. If you think your specific issue warrants a litigator, call the experts at Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. We will work diligently to assess your case’s specific objectives and considerations, and to propose real-world solutions that will not cause undo harm to your company. Fill out our contact form to get started today.

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