Shutterfly Users in Illinois: You may be entitled to relief.

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You may be entitled to a minimum of $1,000 under Illinois law if you have uploaded photographs of yourself to your Shutterfly account.

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It’s easy to qualify and we will guide you through the claims process, which will not take place in court.

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Illinois Law Protects Your Privacy

Companies collecting biometric identifiers, such as facial geometry from photographs, must comply with the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. The law requires that such companies make certain disclosures and obtain your written consent. The law provides damages of $1,000 per negligent violation and $5,000 per willful violation.

You Must Take Action

Recently, a Shutterfly user filed a class action against Shutterfly for violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Because Shutterfly’s Terms of Service prohibit customers from seeking relief in court or through class actions, the court dismissed the case without ruling on the merits of the claim (the court sent the claim to private arbitration). 

You still may have a claim against Shutterfly, but you have to make a claim outside of court, and no one else can make the claim on your behalf.

This means you cannot get paid unless you take action.  

But you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us to learn more.

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