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SAFETY ALERT – FDA Topamax Birth Defect Warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a safety warning regarding Topamax (topiramate), an anticonvulsant medication approved for use to treat patients with epilepsy who have certain types of seizures. Topamax is also approved for use to prevent migraine headaches.

New data suggest that Topamax and its generic versions increase the risk for the birth defects cleft lip and cleft palate in babies born to women who use the medication during pregnancy.

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Topamax Birth Defects

Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when parts of the lip or palate do not completely fuse together early in the first trimester of pregnancy, a time when many women don’t know they’re pregnant. The defects range from a small notch in the lip to a groove that runs into the roof of the mouth and nose, which may lead to problems with eating, talking, and to ear infections. Surgery is often performed to close the lip.

Before prescribing Topamax, health care professionals should warn patients of childbearing age about the potential hazard to the fetus if a woman becomes pregnant while using the drug.

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