Wright Conserve and Profemur Hips

Two different models of Wright hips have been associated with a number of artificial hip failures. The Wright Conserve Plus hip implant is a metal-on-metal design. Many competitors’ hips also feature this design which has lead to lawsuits against DePuy, Zimmer and Smith and Nephew.

The problem with a metal-on-metal design is that pieces of the metal can be rubbed off and released into the hip joint. The metal particles can damage the tissue surrounding the prostheses, which causes metalosis, tissue death and pseudo tumors. If you have had a Wright Conserve hip implant you should get a blood test to determine if you have metal in your system from your artificial hip implant.

The Wright Profemur hip features a modular design that can be adjusted to fit a patient’s leg length. The modular design has been found to contribute to the bending and fracturing of the neck (the straight piece next to the head and/or ball) on the artificial hip. A recent report from Australia found that over 10% of the patients that received the Wright Profemur Z femoral stem line needed revision surgery.

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