Asbestos products have been used extensively in the state of Virginia. Many industrial, commercial, military and consumer product manufacturing facilities have produced materials and products that have exposed workers and consumers to asbestos throughout the 20th century.

Over the past 25 years, our attorneys have represented clients from throughout the country who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases and other conditions. Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. is located in Edwardsville, IL, in the heart of Madison County.

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Businesses and Facilities that have used Asbestos in Virginia may Include:

Adams Construction NASA Langley Research Center
Allied Chemical Plant National Shipyards
Allied Signal, Inc. Naval Air Station Jet Engine Testing Facility
American Oil Co. Naval Shipyard
American Oil Company (Amoco) Refinery Newcomb Electric Company, Inc.
American Tobacco Newport News Naval Shipyard
American Viscose Corp Newport News Ship Yard
Appalachian Electric Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Arlington Navy Annex North Anna Nuclear Power Plant
Associated Asphalt Equipment, Inc. North Anna Powerhouse
AT&T Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
Atlantic Richfield Northwestern Railroad
B. Dodson Plumbing Olin Corporation
Bear Island Paper Company Olin Matheson Chemical Co.
BF Diamond Olin Mathison Caustic and Chlorine Plant
BFI King and Queen Landfill P & W Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Billy McCain Plumbing P.C. Booze Plumbing
Blue Ridge Homes, Inc. Pentagon Building Auxiliary Power Supply
Boiler Brick and Refractory Phillip Morris Plant
Brown & Williams Tobacco Co. Potomac Electric Power
C.W. Wright Construction Power & Heat Systems
CE Thurston and Sons Pride of Virginia Poultry
Celanese Fibers Proscience Analytical Services, Inc.
Charleston Nuclear Power Plant Radford Arsenal
Chemstrand Lab Richardson & Wayland Electric
Chesapeake and Oil Railroad Richmond Steel
Chesapeake Paper Powerhouse Riverside Hospital
Coleman-Adams Construction, Inc., Roanoke News Agency
Colonna’s Shipyard Robert A. Smith Co., Inc.
Continental Can Co. Rockingham Construction
Crown Cork & Seal Rono Plumbing
Crystal Plaza South Rosous Bakery
D.L. Jones Plumbing Ross Labs
Daily News Record Shirley Industrial Center – Anacostia Field House
Dixie Hospital Shirley Industrial Center – Country Club Towers
Dulles Airport Shirley Industrial Center – Edison High School
DuPont Shirley Industrial Center – Horizon House
Dupont Chemical Plant Silvania Industrial Corp.
Dutch Gap Power Plant Smith Gap Regional Landfill
E Luke Green Company, Inc. Southern Roof Deck Co., Inc.
England Stove Works, Inc. Staten River Finishing
Exxon Mobil Suburban Drywall
Fieldcrest Mills Surry Nuclear Power Plant
Firestone Plant Surry Power Station
First Piedmont Industrial Landfill Synthesis Gas Plant
Franklin Printing Company TA Service Steel Erectors Co.
Frucon Construction Corp Texas Gulf Sulphur
Fuel Oil & Equipment Company Thompson Welding
Gabriel Owen Light Thorington Construction Co.
Garlock Sealing Technologies Tidewater Construction Corp.
General Dynamics Corp. Train Plumbing
General Electric Union Bag Corp.
Guggenheimer Memorial Hospital University of Richmond
Hampton Roads Army Terminal University of Virginia
Harmon & Vella Contracting US Naval Depot
Hercules Powder US Navy Receiving Station
Hercules Powder Factory USS Coral Sea
Homestead Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. USS Forrestal
Howard P. Foley Co. USS Hank
Hungerford Mechanical Corp. USS Rushmore
Jefferson Electric Co., Inc. USX Shipyard
John Crane, Inc. Virginia Chemical
Kaiser Engineering, Inc. Virginia Electric & Power Co.
Keene Corp. Virginia Fiber
Kraft Heating and Air Virginia Power & Light Power Plant
Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co., Inc. Virginia Power and Electric
Lane Co. Virginia Valley Processors
Langley AFB Virginia Vermiculite, LLC
Lasalle Atomic Powerhouse W.A. Hartman
Little Creek Amphibious Base Wards of Portsmouth, Inc.
Little Creek Naval Base Wayne Insulation Co.
Lynchburg College West Virginia Pulp & Paper
Lyon Shipyard Western Craft Corp.
Maida Development Westinghouse
Maplewood Recycling and Waste Disposal Facility Westinghouse Electric
Martin Processing Westvaco Corporation
Massey Energy Company Westvaco Paper Mill
Mississippi Valley Erection Co. Winco Ellitt Crump Co.
Mountain Gap Nuclear Plant