Asbestos products have been used extensively in the state of California. Many industrial, commercial, military and consumer product manufacturing facilities have produced materials and products that have exposed workers and consumers to asbestos throughout the 20th century.

Over the past 25 years, our attorneys have represented clients from throughout the country who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases and other conditions. Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. is located in Edwardsville, IL, in the heart of Madison County.

If you or a loved one has been affected by exposure to asbestos, please contact us today at 1-800-782-8492 to speak with an attorney. We offer personalized service to all clients, and a free, no obligation case evaluation. We would be happy to file an California asbestos lawsuit on your behalf.

Businesses and Facilities that have used Asbestos in California may Include:

AAA Boiler and Machinery Lockheed Martin Aircraft Terminal
AAA Shipyard Long Beach Auditorium
Abbott Laboratories Long Beach Naval Shipyard
ABC Auto Motive Co. Lorentzen Company
ABC Cab Los Angeles County Jail
ACME Central Metal Products Los Angeles County Music Center
Addison Welsley Publishing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Advance Casting, Division of Fanster, Inc. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
AEF, Inc. Macy’s Auto Center
Aerojet Corporation Made-Rite Meat Company
Aerospace Industry Manual Arts School
Agricola Furnace Co. March Air Force Base, Riverside
Air Products and Chemicals Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Air Products and Chemicals Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar
Air Reduction Plant Marinship Corp.
Air Research Massey Energy Company
Alameda High School Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento
Alameda Hospital MC Corporation
Alameda Naval Air Station, Alameda McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento
Alameda Post Office McCormick South
Alameda Shipyard McDermott Insulation
Albert Brown Mortuary McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company
Alfred Andersen Construction Company McKesson Corporation
Alpha Olein Control Center Mesa Jr. College
Alta Bates Community Hospital Metalclad
Alts microwave Electronics Metropolitan Water District
Amatex Corporation Microma
Amelco Industries Mission San Jose School
Amer Chemical Mobil Oil
Amercon Corp. Moeller Instrument
American Can Company Moffett Field
American Machine & Foundry Monsanto Chemical Company
American Patrol Service Monterey Airport
AMPEX Monterey Fish Company
Anchor-Hocking Glass Monterey Peninsula College
Anderson-Clayton Edible Oil Plant Montgomery Wards
Antioch High School Moore Drydock Shipyard
ARCO Oil Company Moore Shipyard and Dry Dock
ARCO Refinery (Atlantic Richfield Co) Mount Diablo Elementary School
ARCO Twin Towers Mountain View
Armstrong Cork Company Municipal Center
Ashland Chemical Municipal Service Center
Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) Refinery Mutual Grocery Company
Atlantic Richfield Co. Myers Drum Co.
Atomic Energy Commission N. Western Ind. Maintenance
Avis Truck Rental Nabisco
Avon Refinery National Guard Base
Aynes Steam Plant National Ice
B & J Welding National Service Industries, Inc.
Bakersfield Laundry Association National Steel Shipbuilding (NASSCO) aka General Dynamics
Baldwin-Ehret-Hill Inc. Naval Air Station
Bank of America Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island
Bank of La Jolla Naval Air Station Moffett Field, Santa Clara
Barrett & Hilp Naval Housing
Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow Naval Ordnance Test Station
Basalt Rock Company Naval Post Graduate School
Bates MFG Inc. Naval Station (NAVSTA) 32nd Street
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Naval Supply Center
Bay Area Rapid Transit Power Naval Training Center (NTC)
Bay Brand Shrimp Nestle Purina
Bechtel Corporation Newark Community Center
Beckmen Instruments NMI Contractors
Becktal Power Corp. NOPCO Chemical Company
Bedingfield Construction Norris Thermador Plant
Belmont Hills Psychiatric Hospital North Bay Harvest, Inc.
Belmont Pump Station Northrop Grumman
Bemis Bag Norton Air Force Base
Berkeley Public Health Building Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino
Besco Elementary School Notre Dame High School
Bethlehem Shipyard Nylander’s Market
Bethlehem Steel Oak Knoll Hospital
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Oakland Naval Shipyard
Biochemical Laboratories Occidental Center Building
Black Angus Oilfield Construction Company
Blankenship Terminal Old BVP, Inc.
Blue Anchor Inc. Omron Research and Development
Boiler Drum Orangeburg Manufacturing Company
Borden Chemical Company Oroweat Baking Co.
Bowman School Owens Illinois Glass Company
Bray Chemical Company Oxnard Mandalay Plant
Buffalo Chemical Pabco Manufacturing
Bullocks Steam System Pacific Bridge Co.
Burbank High School Pacific Candle Company
Bureau of Electricity, Grand and Clement Pacific Coat Borax
Burlingame City Hall Pacific Dry Dock
Burlingame Intermediate School Pacific Fruit Express Railroad
Burlingame Recreation Center Pacific Gas and Electric
Burlingame Waste Water Treatment Pacific Press
Burry Biscuit Bakery Pacific Telephone
C.F. Braun Building Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
California Automotive Retailing Palo Alto Times
California Lands Office Building Parkview Apartments
California Peanut Peninsula Hospital
California Shipbuilding Company Petaluma Auto Parts, Papi Inc.
California Shipbuilding Yard Pfizer
California State Auto Association Phillips Petroleum Company
California State College Phillips Processing Units
California State University Pipeline, Inc.
California Trucking Pittsburg City Hall
Camino Alto Medical Building Pittsburg Steel Mill
Camp Kearney Plant Brothers Shipyard
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Pleasant Hill High
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, San Diego County Plumb Tools
Campbell Shipyard Point Loma Naval Submarine Base
Candlestick Park Office Building Pope & Talbat Inc.
Carlesbad Power Plant Port Chicago Shipyard
Castle Air Force Base, Atwater Port Nimitz Naval Base
Central School Port of Los Angeles
Century Plaza Hotel Premium Wines
Certified Alloys Prentice Hall
CF Braun Proctor & Gamble Plant
Chabot College Prudential Building
Chasular Elementary School Pulse’s Union Service Station
Cherry Valley School Queen Mary
Chevron Oil Rachel Lab
Chevron Refinery Rachem
Chevron USA, Inc. Ralston School
Chico State College Ranchers Cotton Oil
Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Rankin Air Field
Chromology Company Rare Steer
Chula Vista Jail Redwood High School
Chula Vista Power Plant Redwood Marina
Citibank Building Redwood Markets, Inc.
College of the Redwoods Refiners Marketing Co.
Collings School Refining Association Indonesia
Columbia Steel Richmond Kaiser Shipyards (#1- #4)
Columbia Steel Co. Richmond Transfer and Storage
Conair Aircraft Plant Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant, Modesto
Concord Community Hospital Robbins Chemical
Concord Naval Weapons Station Robert Dollar Company
Concord Naval Weapons Station, Concord Rockridge Safeway
Consolidated Aircraft Corp Rockwell
Consolidated Freightways Rohr Aircraft
Consolidated Steel Corporation Roman Mahan Used Tires
Consolidated Steel Shipyard Ross Valley Medical
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp. Sacramento Army Depot, Sacramento
Consolidated Western Steel Corp. Safeway
Contadina Services, Inc. Safeway Beverage Plant
Container Corporation of America Paper Mill Saint Paul Towers
Control Data Center Saks Fifth Avenue
Convalescent Hospital San Bernardino Hospital
County Administration Building San Diego Gas & Electric Building
County Services Building San Diego Marine Base
Crown Zellerbach San Diego Military Station
CT Supply Company San Diego Naval Base
CTB McGraw Hill San Diego Naval Shipyard
Danville San Diego Power Plant
Data Documents Inc San Diego Radio School
Del Monte Shopping Center San Diego Supercomputer Center
Department of Water and Power San Diego Trust and Savings
Diablo Valley College San Francisco Naval Shipyard
Disney Enterprises, Inc. San Jose Mercury News
Disneyland Central Heating and Cooling Plant San Onofre Generating Plant
Dixon Chemical Sanderson Aircraft
Douglas Aircraft Sandpiper, M I S E, Inc.
Douglas Aircraft Santa Fe Railway
Douglas Oil Refinery Santa Monica Library
Dow Chemical SanteFe Railroad
Duber Industrial Security, Inc. Sawtelle & Rosprim Machine Shop
Dupont Chemical Scotts Valley Fruit Exchange
DYMA Industries Sears and Roebuck
Eastman Kodak Company Seatrain
Edible Oil Sequoia Ventures, Inc.
Edington Oil Serramonte Apartments
Edison Power Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Edwards Air Force Base Sharpe Army Depot, Lathrop
Edwards Air Force Base, Lancaster Shell Oil
EGG Building Shell Oil Refinery
El Cajon Library Sherwin Williams
El Centro Naval Barracks Sierra Army Depot
El Cerrito High School Sierra Electronics
El Cerrito Savings and Loan Bank Signetics
El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, Irvine Silver Gate Power Plant
Electro-Optical Silver Wing Elementary
Elite Machine Building Solano Professional Building
Emporium Stack South Bay Power Plant
Emsco Derrick & Equipment South Carolina Edison
Enloe Hospital South Pacific Pipeline
Envirotech Systems South Pacific Spur Track
Exton Station Southern California Edison
Exxon Oil Refinery Southern California Gas Co.
FAA Southern Edison Building
Fabrication Shop Southern Pacific Railroad
Federal Building, Q and Truxton Southern Pacific Railroad Office Buildings A and B
Fibreboard Paper Mill Southern Pacific RR
Filtrol Corporation Southwest Marine Shipyard
Fire Station SS Coral Sea
Firestone Tire Store SS Hancock
First Presbyterian Church SS Hong Kong Knight
Fluor Corporation SS Idaho
Ford Assembly Plant SS Los Angeles
Fowler and Graham Boat Builders Shipyard SS Ranger
Fox School Standard Oil
Fredericksen School Standard Oil Company
Freiden Laboratory Standard Oil Refinery
Fresno Linen Services Stanford high Energy Physics Laboratory
Gafflers and Sattlers Stanford Research Institute
Gallo Winery Stauffer Chemical
GEMCO Department Store Stockmar Corp.
General Dynamics Corp Stockmar International
General Motors Strategic Organizational Systems Environmental Engineering Division, Inc.
General Overland Auto Transport Strawberry Community Building
George Air Force Base, Victorville Sunkist Growers Inc.
Georgia Pacific Pulp Plant Superior Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Gerber Foods Sycamore Recreation Center
Glorietta Foods Taft Furniture Company
Goettsch Cabinets Talmalpias Valley High School
Golden State Radiator Teledyne Cast Products, Picco Div.
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Teledyne Mechanical Corporation
Gotham Industries Texaco Refinery
Granite Hills Plumbing and Ductwork Texaco, Inc.
Gray Dress Shop Texas Corporation Office Building
Great Southern Paper Company Thums
Grove Street Pier Tidewater Oil Company
Gypsum Company Tishman Office Building
Hadley Todd Shipyards
Hall of Justice Tracy Defense Depot, Tracy
Hamms Brewery Transamerica Title Insurance
Hancock Oil Refinery Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield
Handyman of California, Inc. Treasure Island Naval
Harbaugh Michigan Corporation Treasure Island Shipyard
Harbor Boat Building Company Truck and Rail
Hartford Building TRW Corporation
Haynes Seam Plant Tudor Construction
HC Lean Rubber Co. U.S. Army Base Training Center
HE Salzberg U.S. Borax
Health Administration Building U.S. Marine Base Field Medical School
Herrick Corporation U.S. Naval Base
Herrick Ironworks U.S. Naval Post-Grad School
Herrick Memorial Hospital U.S. Naval Shipyard
Hewett Packard U.S. Navy Exchange
Hewlett Packard Company U.S. Navy Troop Transport Ship
Hexcel Administration Building U.S. Rubber Tire & Synthetic Rubber Plant
Hibernia Bank U.S. Steel Shipyard
Hiller Foundation U.S.S. Cavalier
Hollywood UCSD Utility Tunnel
Housing for the Elderly Un Rincon, Inc.
Howard Terminal Union Carbide Corporation
Hughes Aircraft Union Ice Company
Humko Products Union Oil Pipeline
Hunt Foods Union Oil Refinery
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Union Pacific Railway Co.
Import Dealers Service Corp. Union Pacific Switchyard
Imported Auto Transport, Inc. Uniroyal Tire Company
Independent Order of Foresters United Airlines
Industrial Command U.S. Naval Repair Base United States Bedding Co.
Information Storage Systems United States Steel Corporation
Intel Corporation United Steel
Intersil United Technologies Corp.
Isotherm Company University of California
IVEC University of California Medical Center
J Schwartz & Sons, Inc. UNOCAL Oil Refinery
Jack La Layne Health Club UPS
Jackson Brothers US Naval Base
JACO Luminous Ceilings US Steel
Jacobs Constructors, Inc. USP Corp. Richfield Ranch
Jeff’s Appliances VA Hospital
Jerry’s Refrigeration Inc. Valley Electric
John Muir College Valley Electric Power Plant
Johns Manville Veteran’s Memorial Hospital
Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc. Villa Armando Winery
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. Vista Grande School
Kaiser Gypsum Plant Vowless Processing
Kaiser Hospital Wall Street Journal
Kaiser Research Walt Disney Parks & Resorts US, Inc.
Kaiser Shipyard #3 Wards Sheet Metal, Inc.
Kaiser Steel Waste Water Treatment Plant
Kaiser Steel Mill Watergate Apartments
Keenes Hardware Inc. Wells Insulation Co.
Kern General Hospital West Elementary School
Kimberly Clark Paper Mill Westaff, Inc.
Kraft Foods Western Geophysical Co.
Krohler Manufacturing Western Incorporated Furniture
L Street Building Western Men, Inc.
La Jolla Post Office Western Pipe & Steel Company
Lake Carpet Co. Western Pipe & Steel Plant
Lange Bros. Construction Co. Western Pipe & Steel Shipyard
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Western Pipe and Steel Shipyard
Le Pommier Whittier Schools
Leach Oil Co. Willamette Shipyard
Lever Brothers Wilmington
Libby Owens Glass Factory Wilshire Oil
Litronics Winreal Operating
Litton Industries World Distribution Center
Litton Systems, Inc. WR Grace Zonolite Plant
Lockheed Martin Aircraft Service York Packaging Company