Asbestos products have been used extensively in the state of Alabama. Many industrial, commercial, military and consumer product manufacturing facilities have produced materials and products that have exposed workers and consumers to asbestos throughout the 20th century.

Over the past 25 years, our attorneys have represented clients from throughout the country who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases and other conditions. Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C. is located in Edwardsville, IL, in the heart of Madison County.

If you or a loved one has been affected by exposure to asbestos, please contact us today at 1-800-782-8492 to speak with an attorney. We offer personalized service to all clients, and a free, no obligation case evaluation. We would be happy to file an Alabama asbestos lawsuit on your behalf.

Businesses and Facilities that have used Asbestos in Alabama may Include:

1st Methodist Church Jacobs Manufacturing Co., Inc.
3M Chemical Plant Jaffe Jaffe & Aarons
3M Chemical Plant James Cornelius
5400 Building James E. Franklin
A & T Inc. James River Paper Mill
A A Service Company Jasper Tire Recapping Company
A.J. Kurtts Jefferson Foundry
Abex Corporation Jefferson Iron & Metal
Abramson & Sons, Inc. Jett Construction Co.
Ace Electrical Signs, Inc. Jim Dandy Company
Ace Neon Sign Co. Jim Vance
ACIPCO Jim Walter Resources
ACME Machine & Fabrication JK Johnson Mechanical Contractors
ACME Supply Co. John L Crim Plumbing & Heating
Addsco Industries, Inc. Juneman Electric, Inc.
AFWH Sub, Inc. Ketona Chemical Plant
Air Products Kimberly Clark
Airco Plant Knight Plumbing & Heating
Al Foster Construction Knit Kote Textile Mill
Alabama Binder & Chemical Corporation Koppers Plant
Alabama By‐Products Co. (ABC) Foundry KRO, Inc.
Alabama Cleaning Service & Supply L & N Railroad
Alabama College Lanco Coal Co.
Alabama Dry Dock & Shipping Company Larry Reeves Tile & Carpet CTR
Alabama Electrical Corp. Ledlow Trucking Co.
Alabama Glass Co., Inc. Lender Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc.
Alabama Neon Sign Company Lenz Plumbing Co.
Alabama Ordinance Works Lewis Construction Co.
Alabama Oxygen Little Big Horn
Alabama Pipe Company Little Electric Co., Inc.
Alabama Polytechnic Institute Livingston State Teachers College
Alabama Power Company Livingston University
Alabama Power Office Building Lloyd Croley Movers of Delicate Equipment, Inc.
Alabama Power Plant Lloyd Noland
Alabama Services Log Homes of Leeds, Inc.
Alabama State Docks Lone Star Cement
Alabama Tank Lines, Inc. Long Lewis Corp.
ALCOA Aluminum Plant M J Lawson Waterproofing Co.
Algernon Blair Independent Contractor M Kimberling & Sons, Inc.
Allegheny Industrial Electric M W Smith Sawmill Co.
Allied Chemical M&D Power Constructors
Allied Paper Mill Magic City Tobacco Co.
Allied‐Celotex‐Barrett‐Jim Walters Roof Materials Plant Mann Brothers Building Co.
Altec Manufacturing Co. Mann Construction Co., Inc.
Aluminum Ore Plant Marathon Oil Refinery
Alvin Dickey Marathon Paper Mill
American Can Paper Mill Marine Junk Co., Inc.
American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) Pipe Plant Marine Specialty Store
American Container Paper Mill Marks Construction
American Cyanamid Chemical Plant Marshall Space Flight Center
American Oil Refinery Marx Brothers
American Petrochemical Mason & Dulion Co., Inc.
American Restoration, Inc. Maxwell Air Force Base
Amoco Chemical Plant Mayo Tire Distributors, Inc.
Anderson Computers, Inc. McAbee Construction, Inc.
Anniston Army Depot McAlister Steel Erection Co., Inc.
Anthony Concrete Co. McBride Sign Co.
Armour/La Roche/Us Agriculture Chemical Plant McClure Motor Co.
Arnold Institutional Foods, Inc. McCullough Industries
Associated Cleaning Contractors, Inc. Mcmillian Bloedel Paper Mill
AT&T Office Mcwane Cast Iron Pipe
Atlantic Land Corp. Mead Paper Co.
Atlas Marine Shipyard Meade Paper Mill
Attalla Pipe & Foundry Meadowcraft, Inc.
Auto Glass & Custom Vinyl Tops, Inc. Merchants Supply
Automatic Electric Electronics Plant Merita Bakery
Avery Freight, Inc. Meyercord Compound Lumber Co.
Avondale Chemical Plant Midland City Elementary School
Avondale Distributors, Inc. Mike Romano Tire Co.
Avondale Mills Textile Mill Miller Foundry Company
Avondale Mills, Inc. Miller Steam Plant
Avondale Stove & Foundry Milton Construction
B & P Concrete Works Minton Construction
B H Harmon Construction Mobile Airport
B&W Electric Company Mobile Infirmary Hospital
B.C. Fertilizer Plant Mobile Linen
B.F. Goodrich Plant Mobile Paper Mill
Badham Insulation Shop Mobile Pulley & Machine Works
Badham Insulation Warehouse Mobile River Saw Mill
Bagby Gage Stick Inc. Mobile Ship Repair
Bagwell Electric Steel Castings Modular Engineering
Bagwell Steel Moffatt Bearing Co.
Bailey Construction Co., Inc. Monsanto Chemical Plant
Baker Tow Boat Co., Inc. Monsanto Company
Baldwin Constructors Montclair Baptist Hospital
Baldwin Industrial Montevallo College
Ball-Co Contractors, Inc. Montgomery Home & Lawn
Barnett Mill Moore Dry Dock Company
Barrett Roofing Morgan Engineering
Barry Pattern & Foundry Morris Group, Inc.
Barry Steam Plant Morris Shea Bridge Co.
Batham Insulation Morrison Cafeteria Co.
Battery Supply Corp. Moss Thornton Company, Inc.
Battle Masonry, Inc. Motes Construction Co.
Bayles Concrete Flooring Motes Transfer & Service Station
Beaunit “Knitting” Rayon (Coosa Pines) Textile Mill Mountain Brook Shoe Hospital
Bechtel McCone Parsons Corp. Mountain Woods Lake, Inc.
Bell Telephone Building Munco Helms Co.
Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Murray Stevedoring Co., Inc.
Bellefonte Nuclear Powerhouse Muscle Shoals Rubber Company
Bemis Bag Paper Mill Muscle Shoals Rubber Plant
Ben Head Enterprises, Inc. National Cement
Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Company National Cement Plant
Benjamin F. Shaw Co. National Gypsum Plant
Benton Contracting Co., Inc. Nelems Manufacturing
Bernard & Byrd Nelson-Brantley Glass Contractors, Inc.
Bessemer Building & Supply Co. New Williams of 5 Pointes West, Inc.
Bessemer Coal Iron & Land Co. Nichols & Smith Contracting
Bessemer Masonry Inc. Nichols Plumbing & Heating
Bessemer Pipe Plant Nitrate Plant
BHAM Fabricating Co. Norman Fountain Contractor
Bill Lacey Construction Co. Norris Sanitary Market
Birmingham Budweiser Distributing North Brothers Warehouse
Birmingham Fabricating Norwood Service Station
Birmingham Foods, Inc. Old Alabama Power Building
Birmingham Foundry Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant
Birmingham Ice & Cold Storage Olin Mathieson Corp.
Birmingham Industrial Services Oneonta Cotton Warehouse
Birmingham Ornamental Osborne & Company
Birmingham Paper Co., Inc. Osborne Truck Line, Inc.
Birmingham Service Contractors Overhead Door Company
Birmingham Stove Owens Corning
Birmingham Water Works Palafox Corp., Inc.
Blackburn MFG Co. Parkes Mechanical & Metals
Blackwell Trucking Co. Parsons Power
Blazer Fabricating LLC Pate Stevedore Co.
Blount Brothers Patterson & Wilder Construction Co.
Boggs Brokerage Company Inc. Paul Spina & Sam Virciglio
Boise Cascade Pearce Demoss & Co.
Bomanite of Alabama Inc. Peerless Pipe 3 Foundry Co.
Booth Electric Co. PeeWee Gulledge
Borden Chemical Pelham Glass
Brack Knight Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
Bradley & Bedsole Paint & Body Shop People’s Hospital
Brady Faucett Steel Erection Co Pepperell Mills
Brandt Manufacturing Co. Petco Construction
Brasfield & Gorrie Inc. Pettus Plumbing & Piping
Brasher General Carpentry Peyton Higginson
Brewton Paper Mill Phillips 66 Station
Brice Building Co. Phillips Petroleum
Bridgeport Lumber & Crating Pinkerton Construction
Brockway Glass Pinson Plumbing & Heating
Brookley Air Force Base Pinson Valley Security, Inc.
Brookley Field Pioneer Fabricating Shop
Brown Marx Co. Pitts Douglas & Co.
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Chemical Plant
Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant Poe Plumbing Co.
Bryant & Co. Porter Coal Company
BSE Industrial Contractors Power Air & Hydraulics
Buchanan Contracting Co. Precast Concrete Products
Buchanan Contractors Co. Precision Chipper Manufacturing
Buckeye Feed & Grain Co. Premiere Chevrolet, Inc.
Building Service Co., Inc. Princeton Hospital
Busch Manufacturing Company, Inc. Prosoft Inc.
Butler Manufacturing Pullman Car Manufacturing
C & S Steel Corporation Pullman Standard
C Arnold & Son, Inc. Quality Mechanical, Inc.
C E Development Co. R & S Amusement Co., Inc.
C L Hanks Construction Co. R J Reid Contracting Co.
C P Griffin Lumber Co. R L Bains Builders, Inc.
Cain Syeel Erectors, Inc. R W Hughes Construction Co., Inc.
Caldwell Foundry R.E. Bullard
Camden Lumber Ragland Appliance & Hardware
Canterbury Electric Co., Inc. Ragland Brick Co.
Capco Pipe Co., Inc. Railway Supply of Alabama
Car Renovators, Inc. Ralph A Smallman & Co., Inc.
Carmichael & Son Randy Smith Texaco
Carpet & Tile Center, Inc. Rebco Construction Co.
Carraway Methodist Medical Red Mountain Construction, Inc.
Cassidy & Self Glass Company, Inc. Redstone Arsenal
Cecil Nesbitt Tile Contractor Reichold Chemical Plant
Ceco Steel Republic Steel
Celotex Reynolds Aluminum Plant
Cement Asbestos Pipe Co. Reynolds Credit Union
Central Foundry Co. Reynolds Metals Plant
Central Supply Company, Inc. Reynolds Reclamation Plant
Cerco, Inc. Richard Construction Co., Inc.
Champion Papermill Richardson Construction
Chandlers Garage, Inc. Rickwood Field
Charlie Kee Laundry Rite Way Service, Inc.
Chemstrand/Monsanto Chemical Plant Rives Construction Co.
Chevron USA, Inc. Robbins Tire & Rubber Plant
Chicago Bridge & Iron Fabricating Plant Robins Corporation
Ciba‐Geigy Chemical Plant Robins Engineering Inc.
CJs Windshield Repair Robins Transfer Co.
Clark Green Rambler, Inc. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company
Classic Glass Company, Inc. Rockwool Plant
Clifton Farmer Roofing Co. Rollin & Compton Sheet Metal
Clow Pipe Ronald James Masonry
Coastal Steel Contracting Rossers Service Station
Cogle Lumber Mill Rowell Builders
Coke Iron and Chemicals Roy E. Trucks, Eastern Glass & Trim
Colbert Steam Plant RPC-A Joint Venture
Cole Supply Company, Inc. Rubber Plant
Colonial Craftsman Wood Shop Ruberoid Plant
Colonial Pure Truck Stop Ruberoid Roof Shingle Plant
Combustion Engineering Rucker Mining Company
Compton & Compton, Inc. Russell & Company
Concord Coal Mine Russell Foundry
Concrete Erectors, Inc. Rust Engineering Co.
Conn Construction Ryan-Walsh Stevedoring Co., Inc.
Connors Steel Co. Sanders Cotton Mill
Conns Machine & Welding Shop Sanmina-SCI Corporation
Consolidated Pipe Saxons Distributing & Candy Kitchen, Inc.
Container Corporation Paper Mill Schuler Industries, Inc.
Continental Can Paper Mill Scott Paper & Wood Yard
Continental Conveyor & Equipment Co. Scott Paper Credit Union
Continental Gin Company Sealing Equipment Products Co., Inc.
Continental Rentals Sears Roebuck & Company
Contractors Incorporated Sellers Brothers Building Services
Cooper & Son Construction Shamburger Floor Co.
Cooper Stevendoring Co., Inc. Shell Chemical Plant
Coosa Pipe & Foundry Shell Refinery
Coosa River Newsprint Shook & Fletcher
Cosby Hodges Milling Co. Shook & Fletcher Supply Co.
Courtaulds Chemical Plant Shook & Fletcher Warehouse
Courtaulds Fibers Sign Builders, Inc.
Cowin Road Machinery, Inc. Sloss Furnaces
Craig Air Force Base Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron
Creative Packaging & Equipment Smith Kelly Supply Company
Cullman Hospital Smith Lumber Co.
Culp Smelting & Refining Solomon Co.
Cumberland Steam Plant Southeastern Builders, Inc.
D Hardy Riddle & CC Gauntt Southeastern Metals Co., Inc.
Daniel Building Southern Dinette, Inc.
Daniels Tile Company, Inc. Southern Electric Generating (SEGCO) Power Plant
Darks Development Company Southern Industrial Mechanical Contractors
DE Bailey Plumbing Co. Southern Masonry Company
Decatur Substation (TVA) Southern Metal Treating Co.
Degussa Chemical Plant Southern Natural Gas Compressor Station
Delphi Enterprises, Inc. Southern Railroad Warehouse
Delta Tire Sales, Inc. Spangler Plumbing Co.
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Plant St. Regis Paper Mill
Diamond Shamrock/Occidental Alkalai Standard Oil Refinery
Dills Welding, Inc. Stauffer Chemical (Lemoyne) Plant
Diversified Buildings Steel City Erection Co.
Dixie Drive It Yourself System Steele Construction
Dixie Neon Painting & Decorating, Inc. Stephen Atkinson Construction
Doctors Hospital Corp. Sterilite
Domit Construction Co. Steve Russo Contracting Co., Inc.
Donny Pate Construction Stockham Valves & Fittings, Inc.
Dorsey Lee Contracting Co. Stockholm Valve
Doster Construction Stokes, Inc.
Dow Corning Fibreglass Stone Container Paper Mill
Drennen Motor Car Co. Stovall Plumbing Co.
Drummond Company Stratabolt Corp.
Drummonds Standard Service Stutts Saw Mill
Dunn Construction Co. SUE-JAC Inc.
Dupont Powder Plant Sullivan Long & Hagerty Inc.
Dupont Powder Plant Sun Building Company
E C Coston Co., Inc. Superock Block Co.
Eagle Chemical Plant Sutherlin Chevrolet Co.
Ed Pickett & Company Inc. SW & B Construction Co., LLC
Electrical Repair Service Co. SW Pallets & Lumber Co.
Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital TA Hueytown Sanitation Service
Ellard Contracting Co. TA Pete Brown Construction Co.
Empire BLDG Co., Inc. TA Sessions Plumbing & Heat
Empire Co. Talladega College
Ernest Crump Motor Co. Tarrant Plumbing, Heating & AC
Etowah Coal & Iron Co. Temco Metals, Inc.
Fairfield Southern Company Temple Electric Company
Fairfield Steel Works Tenneco Plant
Fairview Heating & Air Tennessee Coal & Iron
Farley Nuclear Plant Tennessee Coal Iron & Railroad Co.
First National (Southern Natural Gas) Building The Allison Lumber Co., Inc.
First National Bank Building Thiokol Chemical
Flowers Baking Co. Thomas Conts. & Erection Co.
Fluor Daniel Thomas Sawmill
Foam Rubber Distributors Thomason & Associates, Inc.
Fontaine Fifth Wheel Co. Thompson Electric
Ford Motor Company Thompson Fabricating
Ford Motor Plant Thornton Construction Co., Inc.
Fossett Glass Company, Inc. Tool Specialty, Inc.
Fountain Building & Supply Co. Trade & Technical Services
Franklin Building Corp. Treco Construction Services
Freuhauf Trailer Smelting Plant Tri-More Auto Glass, Inc.
G & W Electric, Inc. Trinity Construction Co., Inc.
G C Colyer & Co. Trinity Glass Company, Inc.
G.W. Norrell Contracting Company, Inc. Trinity Substation (TVA)
Gabco Mechanical Contractors Turner Lumber Mill
Gadsden Steam Plant Turner Supply Co.
GAF Plant Tutwiler Hotel
Gaillard Co. Incorporated TVA Ammonia Nitrate Plant
Gantt Power Plant TVA Fertilizer Chemical Plant
Gardendale EXXON TVA Fossil Fuel Plant
Garland Co., Inc. TVA Gasification Plant
Gaslin Birmingham Manufacturing Co. TVA Nerve Gas Plant
Gaston Steam Plant/Wilsonville Steam Plant TVA Nitrate Plant
Gate Precast Co. TVA Office Building
General MDSE TVA Phosphate Chemical Plant
GEO A Dozier Contractor TVA Phosphate Development Works Nerve Gas Plant
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill TVA Power Plant
Glady E Martin Plumbing TVA Power Service Shop
Glen Allen Manufacturing Co., Inc. TVA Service Shop
Godwin’s Service Station TVA Sheffield Garage
Goldstein & Cohen, Inc. TVA Water Plant
Goodwyn Bridge Co., Inc. TVA Watershed Property
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant U.S. Gypsum Mine
Gorgas Steam Plant U.S. Pipe & Foundry Co.
Goslin Foundry U.S. Reduction Plant
Graham Lumber Company U.S. Steel
Green County Steam Plant U.S. Steel Mill
Guin Company, Inc. Union Bag Paper Mill
Gulf City Construction Co. Union Camp Paper Mill
Gulf Electric Co. Shop Union Camp Saw Mill
Gulf Lumber Company Union Carbide Chemical Plant
Gulf Lumber Mill Union Carbide Metallurgical Plant
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad Union Foundry
Gulf Shipyard United Builders, Inc.
Gulf States Paper Mill United Electric Motors
Gulf States Steel Co. United Land Corporation
Gulf Stevedure Corp. United Rubber Workers International Union
Guntersville Chenille Co., Inc. United States Pipe & Foundry
H C Blackwell Co., Inc. United States Steel Corporation
H K Porter Co., Inc. University Hospital
H N Dunahou Contracting Co., Inc. University Of Alabama
H V Cohron US Steel
H&M Lumber Co. USB & T Abrasives & Refrac.
Hackney Corporation USXB
Hackney Fence Company Utilities Service Corp.
Halby Chemical U-Totem of Alabama, Inc.
Hammermill/International Paper Mill Vanity Fair Mills
Hanceville Contracting Co. Vann & Cowden Service Station
Harbert Machine Co., Inc. Vaugh Medical Center
Hardie-Tynes Manufacturing Vebco, Inc.
Hart’s Construction Veitch Machine Co., Inc.
Hawkins Iron Company, Inc. Veitch Plumbing & Heating
Hayes Aircraft Verne Collier, Inc.
Hayes International Corporation Veterans’ Administration Hospital
Hayus International Corp. Virginia Chemical Plant
HDT Corporation Vulcan Materials Co.
Help Unlimited of Kansas City W A Daniel Construction
Henry Apfelbach W D Wilkins Lumber Co.
Hercules Powder (Explosives) Chemical Plant W E Belcher Lumber Co., Inc.
Hill Erection Co. W H Shepherd Companies
Hill Grocery Co., Inc. Wadsworth Service Station
Hoar Construction Wallace Neon Display Company
Hodges & Company Wallis Hardware Co.
Holladay Motors Walsh Stevedoring Co., Inc.
Homewood Plumbing & Heating Walter W. Dean, Inc.
Howard Electric Co. Warrior & Gulf Shipyard
Hueytown Placing & Finishing Waterman Building
Huffman Painting Co. West Point Pepperill Textile Mill
Humble Oil Field Western Grain Feed Plant
Hunt Oil Refinery Western Iron Works Incorporated
Huntsville City Schools Westinghouse Electric Shop
I.E. Powell Westinghouse Plant
Ideal Cement Plant Weyerhauser Paper Mill
Industrial Contractors, Inc. Whaley Construction Co.
Industrial Fore Equipment Co. Wheeler Dam
Industrial Steel Erectors, Inc. Whisemant & Whisemant
Industrial Supplies, Inc. White & Porter, Inc.
Ingalls Barge Works Repair Yard White Dairy Co.
Ingalls Iron Works 2nd Shipbuilding White Roofing & Supply Co.
Ingalls Ship Building, Inc. Widow’s Creek Power Plant
Ingalls Shipyard Widows Creek Steam Plant
Ingalls Steel Construction Company Wilborn Construction Co.
Ingels Paint Manufacturing Co. Wilkins Lumber Co.
Inschos Mechanical Contractors, Inc. William E. Dye Construction
International Oil Corp. William H. Parson & Co.
International Paper Mill Williams Pallet Service
Irwin Bros. Remodeling, Inc. Willis & Alford Service Station
J & J Construction & Maintenance Contractors, Inc. Wilson & Sons
J D Pittman Wilson Dam
J E Scroggins & GM Scroggins Wilson Tiles, Inc.
J F Holley Construction Co. Wilsonville Steam Plant
J F Pate Construction Wolverine Copper Tube Plant
J H Dickerson Sr. Wood Metal & Love, Inc.
J H West & Sons Woodward Corporation
J N Gober Steel Erection Co. Woodward Iron
J S Massey Woodward Iron
J W Wells Flooring Co. Woodward/Iron Koppers
Jacks Neon Incorporated Worldwide Fabricators, Inc.
Jackson Industries, Inc. Ziglar Tire Co.
Jacksonville State University