Products And Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos has been used in a wide array of products since the 19th century, but was most widely used after World War II into the 1980s. Lawsuits against companies producing and installing asbestos began in the mid-20th century after doctors and researchers began noting severe lung problems among workers who handled asbestos.

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Asbestos Products and Materials

Over the years, a variety of common household, commercial, and industrial products and materials have contained asbestos because of its durability and resistance to heat, flame, chemicals and electricity along with being a noise insulator.

Products you may have never thought contained harmful asbestos fibers could be in your home and everyday products, including:

Hair dryers Fire blankets Bonding agents
Coffee makers Fire curtains Joint compounds
Flooring tile Lab hoods Roofing shingles
Ceiling tile Lab tabletops Roofing felt
Electric blankets Lab gloves Fire doors
Pipe insulation Packing materials Thermal paper products
Ceiling insulation Boiler insulation Automotive brakes
Fireproof drywall Kiln insulation Elevator brakes
Heat guns HVAC duct insulation Cement
Spackling compounds Breaching insulation Textiles
Plaster Flexible duct connections Textured paint
Chalk and chalkboards Electrical wiring insulation Lawn furniture
Wallboard Caulk/putty Oven insulation
Vinyl Adhesives Steam pipes

Also included are garden products that contain vermiculite, which may contain asbestos. These products include fertilizer, compost, potting soil and pesticides.

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