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working out estate plan with lawyerEstate planning is about considering your options, protecting your assets and planning for the future to ensure security for yourself and loved ones. It does not have to be overly complicated, but an experienced attorney should always be consulted. Estate planning laws and legal procedures change often, and the guidance of a devoted attorney to ensure ongoing protections and proper estate administration is crucial to the successful follow-through of your intentions.

At Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C., we carefully assess and plan for what you wish to occur upon any possible disability or death. We plan for tax efficiencies, health care, end-of-life care, costs of administration and smooth transitions to beneficiaries.

Our attorneys focus on properly implementing your wishes and planning for the needs of your family and/or business. We have decades of experience protecting people and their assets throughout Illinois and Missouri in both complex and very simple arrangements.

Personal Guidance And Focused Estate Planning

A full understanding of your assets, health, objectives and relationships with the intended beneficiaries is critical to preparing a customized plan to best protect your interests and reach your goals.

Your estate plan is anchored by a will, but several other components can help you protect your wealth, health and beneficiaries. It is important to work with an estate planning attorney who understands how all available tools can be applied to your specific situation.

Estate Planning Components To Suit Your Needs

  • Property powers of attorney appoint an individual to manage your assets, property, bank accounts and financial matters in the event you become unable to competently do so yourself.
  • Health care powers of attorney appoint a person to make health care decisions for you in accordance with a health care directive in the event you become unable to make such decisions yourself.
  • Trusts protect beneficiaries and ensure distribution of assets as planned. There are several types of trusts, including living trusts, supplemental needs trusts, special needs trusts, life insurance trusts and multi-generational dynasty trusts.
  • Business succession planning will reduce tax exposure and risks, and it will better protect your assets during the transition of ownership or management.
  • Tax planning creates efficiencies in the distribution of assets and property to beneficiaries with the use of trusts, gifting, liability protections and other forms of asset protection.
  • Prenuptial or premarital agreements regarding finances and assets are also incorporated and can be solidified through an estate plan, which allows for clearer expectations from both parties in case of divorce.
  • Family limited partnerships (FLP) is an entity that offers liability protections to its limited partners. It may offer tax benefits and flexibility regarding management of assets, liabilities, amendments, gifts, growth and transfers of interest.
  • Multi-generational dynasty trusts allow families to plan for the long term, implementing durable methods for transferring wealth over generations, and enabling beneficiaries to successfully manage a family’s legacy while limiting exposure to taxation and creditors.

Many portions of your estate plan can be altered at any time, but it is critical that you do so with the help of an experienced attorney. Proper documentation provides the directions, terms and conditions necessary to implement your plan.

Our firm remains available throughout your life to assist you as your circumstances change and to ensure that your estate plan continues to work as you intend. We are available to update your plan as necessary when significant changes to your wealth, health or family occur.

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