Products Liability Claims Lawyers

Products liability class action claims are personal injury claims brought by a group of consumers against a manufacturer, distributor or seller of a product that has similarly harmed all members of the class. When you have sustained an injury from a dangerous or defective product, joining a class action lawsuit or seeking out others who are willing to file a class action claim could be your best opportunity for fair compensation.

At Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C., we understand both sides of the issue. Our attorneys work across the nation to build class action cases to prosecute, and we also work on behalf of companies that have had class action cases brought against them for a design defect, manufacturing defect or marketing defect (failure to warn) regarding one of their products.

Madison County, Illinois, Defective Product Attorneys

We represent consumers who had every reason to expect a reasonable amount of safety or quality manufacturing from the product they were using. We hold national and multinational corporations responsible for negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty. Defective products laws protect consumers against such defects as:

  • Misleading marketing tactics and claims
  • Product design errors
  • Manufacture and distribution errors
  • Low-quality materials used in manufacturing
  • Poor workmanship
  • False promises
  • Breach of warranty
  • Products that do not perform to reasonable expectations

State and federal laws govern these types of cases, so it is important to work with a legal team that keeps abreast of developments throughout the country and is familiar with the variances in laws state-by-state, including the nuances of judicial systems throughout the country.

In all of these circumstances, our lawyers are capable of leading prosecution and defense counsel. We investigate claims, build class membership, prepare all necessary documentation, manage cases, work for fair settlements, litigate and take cases to trial for best possible results on behalf of our clients.

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